The art of selling yourself

I think after last week, I can safely conclude that I do not like job-hunting. It is very depressing how few suitable jobs there are. By the end of the day, I feel like I’ve wasted the day and feel anxious.
But all is not lost for now I have a system. Mornings are devoted to trawling for jobs and writing applications, lunch is for eating and sketching (while watching Dr. Phil…because I tend to get addicted to junk…), afternoons are for arting on the computer, and evenings are for cooking, cleaning and gaming. Maybe I’ll deviate on the weekends but the important thing is that my weekdays are now structured.

I feel like I have to learn how to write all over again. The style of a cover letter is alien to me. My mum is helping me with the jargen and buzz words while my supervisor has helped me with the format and addressing selection criteria. Urg, selling myself is hard.
I know I’m awesome and I know I’ll do a good job. But actually explaining to people how I’m awesome? It feels so…fake…
I hate the thought of being judged by others, especially strangers. I even had panics because I was so worried that people would think my final talk was too short or my thesis is too small. My friend can’t even tell me how long her thesis chapters are without me getting upset.

I have discovered that I do not like the word “demonstrate”. How does one demonstrate their organisational skills in writing?


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