Gaming blah

“Heropon Riki saves the day”

After about 145 hours of Xenoblade Chronicles, I decided that it was time to end it. That’s what happens to me, I’m dead keen on collecting everything (in this case, achievements) but then I get sick of it and just end the game. Do I really want to spend hours letting my companions die so I can revive them again and again to mark off another achievement? Boring. So I faced the enemy and kicked butt.
A lame end battle(s) to an epic game. Apparently the end is no challenge when you’re on level 98 (thanks to trying to get all the achievements). And I thought the explanation at the end was silly. Final cutscene was good though.
Despite being less than thrilled by the ending, this game is definitely on my favourites list. Even if it didn’t have all the silly outfits (I’m quite a fan of giving everyone glasses. They look good). Game developers take note of this game. And give me more silly outfits.

What isn’t on my list is Skyward Sword. I gave up on finishing Zelda. I collected the triforce (loved that dungeon BTW) and was pumped to fight the final bosses. But then I got there and realised that my fighting skills are still lacking and I have a sore shoulder. So I watched it all on YouTube. I have to say that I like the ending. I particularly like the start of the credits when you see some of Zelda’s perspective.
I feel bad not taking a shine to Skyward Sword. There were many aspects of the game that I really liked. But I had trouble getting past the many things that I didn’t like. It also feels like the game has ignored many of the things that I loved about previous Zelda games, while retaining many of the things that I didn’t like. That and fighting Ghirahim hurts my arm. If I want pain then I’ll punch a wall.

I don’t have anymore Wii games to play so I’ve moved onto Dragon Quest VI. It had an ocarania right at the start so it already kicks Zelda’s butt. I got the game last year and was planning to save it for going overseas. But I suspect that wont be happening anymore. Hence the anxiety and job-hunting.


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