Broken leg

This week I’m at my parent’s house. The plan was to focus on writing my final paper for my PhD work. The plan hasn’t worked out so well. BTW, The Avengers was great.

Over the weekend my parent’s youngest alpaca, Sarge, somehow managed to break his leg. His leg is plastered up for six weeks and hopefully the leg will heal and he wont be put down.
Today we moved him to my step grandad’s property. He was in the backseat with me and it was lovely being able to pat him. He was a bit upset when we grabbed him but was fine in the car. Very curious about the view from the window.

I was worried Sarge would spit on me so I wore my mum’s jacket. Thankfully no spitting occurred.

Then we went back to our block and spent an hour chasing down a companion for Sarge so he wouldn’t get lonely. It took a lot of running around with outstretched hands but in the end we managed to grab Whisky. At the far end of the property. Away from the car. We had to hold him down while my stepdad rushed off to get the car.

Poor Sarge.

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