For my mum

For the past few years, my mum has told me not to get her anything for mother’s day. Since I have plenty of free time, this year I decided to ignore her and make her a pixel gift. Because she is awesome and drives me places (such as to get my thesis bound) and helps me when I get stuck on stupid selection criteria for stupid job applications.

I am really pleased with this. I can’t believe I made it. Though if I had tried to work with a restricted palette or something less realistic then I would have failed. Birds shouldn’t be allowed to have such complex wings…

I started out thinking that I would use my own photos for reference but I only actually had one half-decent photo. Turns out I’m not good at taking photos of birds (I partially blame the camera).
I took this photo late last year. There’s a part of my parent’s property that’s full of lush grass that the rabbits and kookaburras (plus the occasional roo) love. It’s great watching the kookaburras hunt for food.

I used this photo for the shape but it wasn’t very good for the details so I was constantly googling things like “kookaburra tail” for better photos.

…Now that I look at it, the real kookaburra’s chest looks much cuter than my pixel one. I should have edited the shape…

And here’s the steps. Because I love watching animated steps:



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