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It happened again. I got my another Daily Deviation. Woohoo! I still can’t believe how popular my dolls are getting. It’s crazy. My head is still stuck in the past when I would get one or two favourites.

My first DD was a pixel shaded doll using a base. This time is a baseless tool shaded doll and got much more love than the other one.
It is certainly pretty but I’m still not sure it deserved that much attention. It was just a bit of fun.

I made this doll because I don’t often make baseless tooled dolls. I wanted to see if I could draw a full-body without using any reference. And I can, which I’m super proud of. I still need reference for hands and legs. See how I ommitted them here. After getting that DD, I feel like I’ve cheated :P. I also wanted to do a gradient because I love gradients.
I picked the colours because of the Fairy Pageant.  Round 2 was seasonal formal and I was inspired to make a fiery summer with dried yellow grass, firey gradient skirts, and charcoal tree colours. But it would have clashed with the blue/purple wings so I gave the idea up. The black lines was channeling Zapatones, who has a beautiful dolling style.

The timing of the DD was great because I’m getting really down due to the job-hunting. It’s been three months and I’m getting no where. There’s just too many people out there in the same position as me. I can’t compete with these people for the few jobs out there. The more time that passes, the more that I feel like a failure.

So many of my friends have given up and gone into other things. It looks like I’m going to have to give up as well. But what can I do?
My sister is doing a course in pharmacy, which sounds interesting. But I’ve already spent 8 years at university, I couldn’t handle another four years with assessments and exams. And what happens if I can’t find a job after that?
Teaching is definitely out. Aside from the fact that my friends can’t get jobs as teachers, I’d really hate it.
This weekend I considered a graduate programs with some banks but all of them except one have closed their applications. What is up with that? I can’t believe they expect you to plan your life one year in advance like that. Still, there’s one bank that opens applications in a few months time and it’s the one that I actually use.



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