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Time drain

I have decided to enter Miss Doll Gamer 2012. My choice in character is Melia from Xenoblade Chronicles. Such an awesome game.

I’m trying very hard to finish all the rounds at once. I did that last year for the Ladies of Pokemon pageant and felt very satisfied working on it all at once. But that was an orginal character without many details and on a smaller base. The amount of details for this is massive and taking up so much time. The afternoon flies by so quickly it feels like someone’s stealing my time. Surely it didn’t take that long to draw a gun. Really?
And those angles are a bitch.

Bases by Elven Crystaline

Why do I do this to myself? The plan was to spend this month finishing off projects that have been gathering dust. Not starting new things that take forever.
And the stupid thing is that I want to try adding backgrounds. Not that I know what I’m doing or anything…


Day 4. Three hours of work. In which I say “Shoes take how long?”


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