Cold and wet

I’ve been helping mum run her market stall for several years now. I like doing it but it also really sucks. On the one hand, it’s nice hanging out with mum and I love selling mum’s (and occasionally my) stuff to people. It’s a really great feeling when you get return customers. On the other hand, getting up early in the morning, having to deal with the weather, and having days when few people are buying really sucks.

We don’t normally do winter markets but our local market has extended into the winter months. And we found an indoor market that isn’t overpriced/too far away where people are actually willing to part with their money. It’s good timing because my mum got a spinning wheel for christmas and has been making lots of beanies from our alpacas. So soft and such pretty natural colours too. They’re proving quite popular.

Yesterday’s market was terrible. It is really hard to get out of bed before sunrise, especially when your dogs are tighly curled up on the couch because it’s so dark and cold. The sun still hadn’t risen when we started to set up the stall. My fingers and feet were frozen (my toes are also covered in chilblains, thanks to a previous market). I just wanted to go back to bed.

8am: finished setting up. My feet are frozen.

People were smart enough to stay in bed so it was a very slow start. But then things started to pick up and it was looking to be a really good day…until it rained at lunchtime. And didn’t stop. All the smart people went home. We were stuck there trying to pack everything up and try to get the car in. I spent the rest of the day at home cocooned in doona in front of the fire, trying to warm up. I think I might get a new round of chilblains.

I hate winter markets.

The day wasn’t a total disaster. We made more sales then some of our bad days. I got a free jar of lime curd because I made some sales at our neighbour’s stall while she had gone to get her car. The sourdough bread people across from us gave us free bread. Last month I got heavily discounted bread from them and the potato people in the yellow marquee next to us gave me a massive bag of potatoes.
I am a sucker for freebies and discounts.


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