cross stitch · sewing


All the little things are starting to add up and now I’m feeling anger at the world in general. I don’t know what I’d do without my art.

Misery aside, it’s taken a few years of sitting in front of the TV but I have finally finished this:

Dalia from Thea Gouverneur

I don’t normally do flowers but I am a sucker for gradients. Not the largest cross stitch I’ve done but certainly the most challenging. It was single threaded, not double, which makes untangling knots really difficult. And there were so many similar symbols (such as the same symbol in four different orientations) close together so I tended to use the wrong threads and had to unpick.

There were 103 colours in total. The cross stitcher in me is blown away by all the colours but the pixeller in me is a tiny bit disgusted. I’m sure you could easily cut out 20 colours without making any noticeable difference.

Given how much I usually spend on framing, this will have to tucked away until I get a job. Not that I know where to put it – all the prime wall space is already taken by tigers, wolves, and birds. I do have some money tucked away in my art fund but I’m saving that to buy fabrics to make more owls (since selling owls are the reason that I have money tucked away).

I really want to get back into designing my own cross stitch but it hasn’t been happening. I just haven’t felt inspired by anything.


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