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Housesitting dump

Housesitting wasn’t all that fun this time round. When I got over my recent anger, I felt flat and unmotivated. Today isn’t so bad though.
And Kira has recently developed separation anxiety. If I don’t let her inside right after her breakfast, she starts crying and eating the door. Actually, both dogs have been clingy. It’s just as well I was able to stay over and they didn’t have to go to a cold kennel.

I did manage to do a little bit of sketching.

Dogs are hard to draw

I did do a little pixelling but I couldn’t get comfortable using my lappy and I really needed a mousepad for the surface I was using. It wasn’t fun so I soon gave up. 

So instead, I’ve been modelling for some more base poses. The fire has been on, making the house nice and warm 🙂
I really suck at thinking of interesting poses. Particularly legs. I’ll think “oh this might look good” and then I’ll look at the photo and it isn’t good. Still, I think I’m getting better at drawing arms and hands.

No mum, I wasn’t taking photos of myself naked…geez…

Finally, a little cartoon owl cross stitch. I designed it to use up some scrap aida cloth I had lying around. Except I don’t know what to do with it now XD
Owls can’t actually move their eyes like that (they’re also yellow). But I thought it looked cute…


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