Fabric bounty

Almost every year my mum, sister, and I go to the annual craft expo. Normally I’m interested in the cross stitch and the beading stalls but this year it was all about the fabric.

I had a bit of money tucked away from selling owls the past few years. They were really popular, even though I only had two colours.
I set out to get four colours but there was so much pretty (and cheap!) fabric that I ended up getting eleven. I could have gotten more but I fell in love with an elephant plushie and got a kit.
Mum also got me a thread sorter. My cardboard sorters are always ripping so it’s going to be very handy.

So many pretty fabrics

I can’t wait to make lots of owls…except I left the pattern at my mum’s house. And I can’t start on the elephant because I have trouble understanding sewing instructions. I need mum to translate for me XD

I’m sure the elephant is going to look hilarious. I can’t actually sew. That isn’t a big deal for the owls – they require very little sewing and my lack of sewing skills gives the owls character. The elephant probably requires precise sewing and mine might turn into a lumpy mess XD


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