I am awesome!

After seven months of unemployment and little progress, the past few weeks have felt like a whirlwind.
I applied for a job two Mondays ago. This wasn’t just a job, it was (realistic) Dream Job. I had applied for a job with the company months previous and also sent a cold contact email. Nothing ever happened and that’s what I expected this time around. I was so surprised when I got a call on Wednesday from the recruiter for an interview the following day. I am overqualified for pretty much every job on earth.

My previous (few) interviews have been below-average or downright awful. I felt so immature and inadequate. But this was Dream Job and I was awesome for all three interviews. I’m still not accustomed to feeling awesome and still get surprised when I impress people.

The only problem was that they asked for the contact details of someone who wasn’t on my list of references. There’s a reason he’s not on there. I have had days of anxiety because of this. But in the end they couldn’t get into contact with him and offerred me the job a few minutes ago!

I am so happy!

Being unemployed was good in that I learned a lot about myself (in order to sell myself to potential employers) and I had lots of free tome for my art. Or course, a lot of that free time was job hunting and writing applications again and again. Seven months of rejection was really wearing me down.
But no more!

I have over a week of leisure before I start work. I shall have to make the most of it 🙂

Also, it’s about a year since I submitted my thesis.


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