Ebook rant

I got a kindle for christmas because, at the time, I believed that I would be living in the US for a year (the magical land of plentiful, low-priced books). That plan didn’t pan out but Kiros the Kindle has been great for travelling to and from work and visitng my parents. And the screen is perfect for my stupid sleep issues (ie. oh noes, you have stared at a bright screen before going to bed. No sleeps for you!!1!)

While I love having an ebook reader, I am not a fan of trying to buy ebooks.

I want to give Amazon my money, I really do.
I want to support the authors who write great books. But many books are either unavailable in Australia, stupidly priced ($25…seriously?), or only avialable as damn audio. I don’t want to listen to a book, I want to read it. Any book that is under $10 I either own in paper form or plan to own in paper form. OK fine, I’ll pay $15 for a digital book…except I can’t actually own an entire series because at least one of the books is unavilable/audio. Head+wall.

It’s almost as if Amazon, Penguin etc. don’t want my money. OK then, no money for you.

In other news: been trying to set up a PayPal shopping cart and discovered that I can’t set different postage rates for domestic and international. Apparently that option is only available in the US. *Sigh*
I think I was born in the wrong country.


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