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Banoffee Pie

I’ve been working for two months now and I have to say, new job lives up to its Dream Job status. Though it did not take the manager long to make me do research…and she doesn’t understand the time and cost involved…

One of the great things is the money. It isn’t as high as a research position but I’ve spent 3+ years living on a student scholarship so I’m happy. I can buy pretty non-sale clothes without feeling guilty. Last weekend I even got a new fridge without any buyer’s remorse.

I’ve wanted a new fridge for years. My old one was my grandma’s and is so old it doesn’t have an energy rating. My new fridge is so much bigger (though it does stick out a fair bit because most fridges appear to be too deep for my fridge nook) with large door shelves for all my sauce jars. The freezer even has a tiny shelf for pastry sheets which I love.

To celebrate my new fridge (and to use up ome left-over cream and pastry sheets), I made banoffee pie. I had only heard about it recently and was intrigued by it. I made it expecting that I wouldn’t like it that much but it surprised me. The banana worked well with the caramel.
I’ll definitely make it again.

Yummy pie in my awesome new fridge

Of course, the day after I made the pie, it slipped off the tray and spaltted onto my leg…since I’m the only one eating it, I’m eating it anyway…


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