Ollie-phant the pooping elephant

At last year’s Craft and Quilt show in July, I treated myself to a cute little elephant pattern, despite having very little sewing ability. They looked so pretty in the stall.

I was so intimidated that I put it off for many months. Then I was silly enough to try and sew it without my mum telling me what to do. The result was a shortened trunk, uneven legs, and a I’m-about-to-poop tail XD
It then sat on the shelf for a few more months until I could bring myself to stuffing it (with fleece from Fred, our deceased sheep). Though why the hell do the instructions tell you to stuff before adding the eyes?

Trust me – it looks worse in real life

Looks like I’ll have to stick to simpler prejects for a long time.

I’ve signed up for a skirt making class in March, which I’m sure will be much simpler than a toy. I’ve already picked out the material from my friend’s quilting business. Pity the skirt wont be ready until the weather’s turned cold (it’s so hot right now!).

I’d like to try making another elephant in 5 to 10 years time to see if I’ve improved.


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