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Basic Rice Soup

I’m normally too lazy to go to much effort with lunch. I just want to chuck something in a pot/oven and wander off to do something arty. This normally leads to mash potato and cheese…

I really like this recipe because I can walk away from it, all the ingredients are staples so there’s no shopping involved, and it tastes really nice. It also makes two serves so I only have to bother cooking on one day 😛

 A bit of oil
1 generous teaspoon crushed garlic
1 generous teaspoon crushed ginger
As much chilli powder as you like
100g long grain rice (I use jasmine)
4 lts liquid chicken stock (no powered/cubed stuff)
As much soy sauce as you like

Heat the oil in a pot and cook the spices for a while. Add the rice and coat it in the oil. Add the stock and soy sauce and cook covered over a low heat for thirty minutes. Large bubbles will form and the garlic and ginger will go everywhere but that’s fine. The main thing is the low heat – have the heat too high and it will dry out and you wont have a soup. If that does happen then you can add water and the flavour should still be there. But it’s better to keep an eye on it when you first make it so you can figure out what the right “low heat” is for you.

I’m sure you could add other things like spring onions, silken tofu, etc. but I really can’t be bothered…


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