I can make stuff

Look at that – I made a skirt! Except now it’s too cold to wear so I’ll have to wait half a year.

Once a week I’ve been attending a sewing class. It is awkward taking my sewing machine on public transport during peak hour but it’s been really fun.

I treated myself by getting pricey fabric from a friend’s business. I got the fabric thinking I’d be able to make an A-shaped skirt, which I prefer. But we were told that we had to make pencil skirts. I’ll have to try A-shape on my own.

I can’t believe I measured everything correctly and could sew semi-straight lines. I can sew zips! And (uneven) darts. 
People kept dropping out of my class so lucky me got one-on-one time with the teacher. Despite that, I was really slow and kept making mistakes so most weeks I had to finish tasks at home (-_-;)

Next week I start making pants. It’s going to be much tougher.


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