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Art Dump

Urg, work is starting to wear me down. All the hoops I have to jump through…and then I get in trouble because I jumped through the wrong hoops and didn’t fill in the hoop-jumping document.
At least it’s the weekend and I can recharge with baking, gaming, and art.

Lips and noses still frustrate me, but I’m getting much better (with the help of tutorials for reference). I am really pleased with my progress painting faces.

I really have no idea what to do with the background…

I’m always yo-yoing between no drawing and lots of drawing. While my last sketching craze was regency portraits, this time around it’s gaming fanart. I’m currently playing The Last Story and I love the game. It’s hard to stay mad at work dramas when you can trip people over with bananas and the lead male characters are having serious conversations in their jocks (I clothe the females though).

OMG, I drew males and they don’t completely suck. Victory!

I’ve started working on a cross-stitch based on this pixel art. I really don’t know if the colours will work out, particularly the sky. Already the white lacks the right contrast so I’ve left it to try out the wing. I really hope it works out.

Does anyone know how to take photos of cross stitch? The colours never come out right.

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