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Photo references

I’m not a professional artist. The most formal training I’ve done is six life drawing classes. Other than that, I got the basics (such as position of ears, level shoulders etc) from the How To Draw Manga books that people tend to sneer at.

Over the years, I’ve noticed vast improvements in my ability to draw. Photographing myself has really advanced my ability to draw. Hands are no longer laughable. Legs are no longer avoided at all cost.

With these three photos…
…I made this.

I still have trouble. I have a tendency to draw legs too long and have to correct it at the digital stage. And some poses are too difficult, despite using a photo aid. Like the doll I’m working on below. I couldn’t get the shape of the legs right. I ended up tracing over the photo, which I do feel guilty about.

Left: my attempt. Right: tracing.

At the same time, I am truely amazed at how far I’ve come. If I had tried this a year ago then I would have given up at the sketching stage. It is getting a little bit easier to draw basic, plain poses without reference (like this doll, with hands and legs hidden).
Seeing all these improvements make me excited about what I’ll achieve in the coming years. Maybe one day I’ll understand feet and toes well enough to draw them without a photo.


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