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My second skirt

I took last week off as annual leave. Been looking forward to it for over a month. It turned out to be perfect timing, as my work has “restructuring the business”. Translation: people losing jobs. Now understaffing in the lab is even worse (which might mean that getting approval for annual leave in the future might be difficult) and we’re all wondering how long our jobs will last. Which is a real pity, since this is not only Dream Job (but not dream company), but the only job available. If I lose my job then I’ll have to find a new career path. With any luck, if my area in the business is closed (probably not in the short-term, I guess…) then I’ll be shuffled into another area.

During the week, I made a skirt!

I had enough left-over material from my pants to make a small skirt. A good opportunity to reinforce what I had learned in class and see how good my notes are (since I don’t understand the real instructions).
I did really well until I reached the waistband. I stuffed it up but that’s ok since it will be covered by my tops.

I like this shape much more than the pencil skirt I made in class. I don’t think I’ll make a pencil skirt again but I’d definitely consider making this one again.

When I went to the craft store to get a zip for the skirt, I saw that there were patterns selling for only $3. I got two with a variety of different skirts. It will be interesting to see if I can make those ones on my own. But I’ll wait until I find the right fabric at the right price.
I really want to learn how to make nice tops. I went clothes shopping the other day and couldn’t find anything.

Only two more classes until I finish my pants šŸ™‚


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