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July Colour Palette – Not feeling it

Last month I started to join in the monthly colour palette prompt held by Dalliann. And it was great because I had a whole week of annual leave to work on my picture.

This month just didn’t work out. My free time was taken up by other things. And the palette was very uninspiring. All I could really think of were clique princesses or parents at markets with their daughters in tiaras and pink tutus (and tops that just don’t go with the ensemble). It just isn’t me.

…I just broke my tea pot lid…damn…

Anyway, I thought pixel art would be easier and was torn between a pink bird, a pair of pink fish, or a pink dragon. In the end I went with the dragon but I’m still not feeling it so unfinished it will remain.

Maybe next month’s challenge will be better.

I will leave you with my reference picture. My sister’s dog, Summer, way back from 2007. I can’t believe how old she is now! She’s still a crazy puppy to me.


One thought on “July Colour Palette – Not feeling it

  1. I'm sorry this month's palette didn't appeal to you– but you did a great job with it! This is so cute! I like the little bunny toy; makes the dragon seem more docile… And I love the scale texture you created– beautiful!

    It's interesting to see the work unfinished because it provides some clues as to your art process. Studying how other artists work encourages me to try out new techniques and improve my own methods– so thank you for sharing the WIP. 🙂

    Lastly, cutest dog EVER! 😀


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