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Redoll steps

The dolling community has been slowly dying for years. I blame DA creating a doll category (though I’m sure there’s more to it than that). Once I was a member of multiple doll forums. Now, I barely contribute to one. But every two years, Glam! holds a redoll event and I always participate. It’s a lot of fun.

Basically, you are assigned a person and have to pick one of five dolls that thye’ve posted up. Your task is to remake that doll (on a new base) and change at least three things. Of course, I like to make many more changes and make the doll my own.

This year, I chose a steampunk doll. I haven’t done much steampunk before and the little that I’ve done has left me disappointed. I’m certainly not disappointed with this doll.

Base by base-o-holic, using SenshiStock as a reference.
28 colours in total.


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