First Kong Encounters

On Sunday, we introduced the dogs to wobble Kongs. Kira has destroyed most of their toys and we thought a sturdier toy combined with some mental stimulation would be nice.

I was really surprised how quickly Kira grasped the concept. Within minutes she was nosing it all around the living room, gobbling up the bits. Then she got lazy and pushed it around while lying down; army crawling when necessary.

Kira couldn’t get the final bits out and tried to grab the Kong. You could see the frustration growing. Eventually, she still managed to pick it up and figure out the best way to chew it. I wonder how long it will take for her to destroy it…

Poor Rory – he just didn’t get it. The best he could do was lick the Kong’s hole and sniff out any stray bits that Kira missed.
I really hope he gets the hang of it eventually. As cute as his grumpy face is, I’d rather avoid it.


One thought on “First Kong Encounters

  1. Psst… putting peanut butter in it works really good as well. We also shove ~3 schmakos torn up into large pieces up there so that it's hard to get out.


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