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I’ve been working at my job for a year now. I still really love the work, though management is pretty terrible.
One good thing is that I was given an old scanner to take home and replace my crappy one that died. Score!

Not only is it better than my old crappy one, but it also scans negative film. I’ve been reliving my old photos from high school. Man, I was terrible at taking photos. So many of them have my thumb in it!
This was the time when Kira was a puppy and Lexie was still alive. I can’t believe how young Kira was! And it looks like Lexie was not very photogenic. I’ll have to see if my parents still have their negatives.

I miss my Lexie 😦

In high school I did a photography class. We only worked with black and white photos but I loved spending time in the dark room developing my own film. I took so many photos but can’t seem to find all of my negatives 😦  I had some really good ones of my friends…where could they have gone?
But the dog ones that I do have are scanning better than the ones that I developed.


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