Summer dress

I’ve finished my last term at sewing class. I’ll really miss it and there is so much more to learn.

This time round I made a pretty summer dress, with the plan to wear it at work’s christmas party and a friend’s wedding. My teacher told me about a cheap remnants shop nearby that was having a $3 per metre sale so the dress didn’t cost that much to make. I also got some beautiful material for a few skirts to make one day.

It was actually quite easy to make and went pretty smoothly. Except I burnt a hole in the skirt. Twice. Well, at least I now know that my iron is shit, regarless of what setting it’s on…I hate irons…
Thankfully, the holes were in places where I could hide them. But even if it wasn’t salvageable, I have plenty of material left over and could have started again. I’ll have to find a nice pattern for a bag.

I also made a simple necklace which I guess can go with the dress, despite the blue being different. My mum made the beads and I pinched them from her earlier in the year. They have been sitting on my coffee table for months.


One thought on “Summer dress

  1. So cute! I love the shape of the dress and the fabric is beautiful; it has both a floral and aquatic look– like lotus flowers in a pond or jellyfish on the move! So cool!

    Neat necklace, too! I bet it's fun for your mom to see how you incorporate her artistic creations with your own. šŸ™‚


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