There should be an award for that

It took me 140 hours over three months but I have just completed all 200 achievements in Xenoblade Chronicles. Even the stupid annoying ones. It’s like the game-makers wanted you to hate the game when you finished. I bet they were laughing at the pub just thinking about the poor stubborn fools determined to kill 5000 enemies and revive KO’d characters 500 times.

I don’t think anyone cares but that’s 140 hours of my life gone so dammit, I’m going to share.


2 thoughts on “There should be an award for that

  1. Great sketches! I like all the feathers! Is Xenoblade one of the games where you design your own characters?

    I've specifically avoided playing video games because I have an addictive personality and I KNOW I wouldn't be able to set down the controller without some kind of intervention… 😉

    But I love looking at game character designs– they're usually so over-the-top and fun!


  2. You can choose what clothes you want them to wear. Or have them running around in their underwear. Some characters I like to pick out the prettiest clothes while others I like to make look ridiculous.
    I love games where you have a choice.


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