September Colour Challenge

It’s lucky I had a week of annual leave this month or I would never have finished the September Colour Palette.

My intial idea was pretty lame. Then I saw this blog post and it all made sense – royalty! With those cool ermine cloak things.
But then I got carried away and completely forgot about the actual palette…

I’m really proud of this. I can’t believe I actually succeeded. I thought the background would be a horrible mess that I’d have to try and salvage. I  also thought the crown would loook crap so I’m really amazed by how good it looks.

And credits: 
Caroline of Ansbach 
Caroline again 
Queen Victoria (ideas for the background) 
There was another image I used to help me with the stupid skirt pattern. But I can’t find it now…
The wall, floor, and fur used textures from my own photos.


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