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October busyness

OK, so I put minimal effort into October’s palette challenge.
I’m too exhausted to attempt anything serious. At work I’m training in another area that has a very high throughput (and less tolerance for mistakes). It only amounts to a little extra (unpaid) overtime but the process is not ergonomic and my upper body and thumb muscles aches. When I get home I just collapse on the couch and cross stitch.

I’m also buying my first house. It’s a nice little 2-bedroom (with backyard for Future Dog) on the boundry between suburbia and rural (doubling my commuting time). The process of buying a house is actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. But all the documentation freaks me out and the bank made a mistake transferring my deposit. I should have picked up the mistake on the day but I’m an idiot and didn’t realise until the next day when the deposit was due. That wasn’t a fun birthday…

Settlement is a month away so in theory I have plenty of time to pack and arrange utility changes etc. Except I’ve accumulated a lot of crap over the years and it’s taking forever to throw it all out. It would appear that I am incapable of throwing out packaging. Which is fine for things like a sewing machine box. That’s useful – many things can be packed in that box. Tiny box for tea pot is not useful.
I also have trouble throwing out my old toys. Throwing out my old uni material was very satisfying.

I’m too tired to be excited right now…


One thought on “October busyness

  1. Awesome– it looks great! One of my friends mentioned that this palette would be good for textile designs and you just proved her right– I'd totally buy that shirt. 🙂

    Congratulations on your new home! You'll have so much fun decorating! Oh, and Happy (Belated) Birthday! It seems that every artist I know is a Libra– we're such a talented bunch! ~_^


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