Watching The Great British Bake-off has made me yearn to make attractive food. Let’s face it, although my food is (usually) yummy, I never put any effort into appearance. I’m often too lazy to make anything that requires icing.

Today would be the day – my day to show that I can not only make yummy food but also attractive food. Too bad I don’t have any red icing left, it would have been nice to make some christmas-looking cookies.

This was my goal:

From Cupcakes, Cheesecakes, Cookies

OK, the only other time I tried piping didn’t work out so well and I didn’t have any fondant but it would be fine, right? It’s only straight lines. How bad can it be?

Well, the green icing wouldn’t come out. And then when I tried my second green line, the bag broke. Then the bag for my blue icing broke. Hmm, maybe if I try again in a year’s time, I will have magically gained piping ability via osmosis…
Sequencing DNA is a whole lot easier than piping icing (even if the stupid robot does break down).



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