Black and white gauze skirt

As usual, it takes me six months to get around to getting anything done. In this case, the pattern was heavily discounted and the fabric was from a remnants shop that had a $3 per metre sale. I feel sad that I discover an amazing shop just as I move away from it.

The pattern didn’t ask for gauze material or invisible zips but the fabric was irresistible and I think an invisible zip looks better (plus, I got an invisible zipper foot for christmas). Of course, I’m still very much a novice and no longer attend class. My ambition does not match my skills 😛

I am really pleased with how the skirt looks.

It’s just a shame that I didn’t know what I was doing. I’ve never worked with gauze before and had to guess how to sew the hem. I’m sure any professionals would laugh or cringe if they saw it. I also didn’t know how to modify the pattern to accomodate the different zip so the top part is dreadful. But that is easily covered.

I have some pink gauze to make another skirt so I’ll have to think carefully about making the zip work.

And of course, the first time I wear it out I get mustard on it >_>


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