Ravioli experiment

I like anything that is filling wrapped in dough so of course I like ravioli. But while you can find nice dumplings in the supermarket, you can’t get good ravioli. Just salty processed meat thing. So I treated myself to a ravioli tray. They are quite pricey but my previous attempts at ravioli (including using wonton wrappers) have been pretty lame.

I wanted to try making ravioli during my week of annual leave but the heatwave ruined my culinary plans. All week was frozen dumplings. But this weekend was much cooler, perfect for pasta adventures.

This was my first time using actual pasta flour instead of just regular flour. I did half:half of the two flours but I found the dough really difficult to work with and I would like to do some more experimenting with that. But using the ravioli tray itself was super easy and fun. I can see why a rolling pin was provide – the tray left teeth marks in the rolling pin. I wouldn’t want to ruin my usual rolling pin.

 Money well spent.

The ravioli turned out really well, with the only problem being the recipe. The recipe called for walnuts but I think they didn’t taste so good so next time I’ll try ginger, a variety of herbs, or bacon. And the quantity certainly does not serve four.

Though it looks like we’re in for another heatwave so further experimenting will have to wait for another time.


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