Festival of Glass

A very exhausting weekend.

Yesterday I helped mum out at the annual Festival of Glass. The event started four years ago and I love it. So many beautiful glass pieces. I had to resist the urge to spend my money away, particularly since I need that money for tree removal and fences. There’s always next year.

It is our best event of the year but not as good as the first year. Times are tough for everyone. Still, there were plenty of people and some were willing to part with their money. Looking back on our first events, I’m really proud at how far we’ve come. We have gotten so much better setting up our stalls and mum’s work is beautiful.

The funny thing is that the first thing I saw when I walked in was a bowl on the competition table that looked almost identical to a bowl that mum entered (and won an award for) last year. What was that person thinking?


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