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The Fence Saga: Part 2

A month ago I wrote about my fence collapsing and I my frustration while I tried to organise new fencing with the Office of Housing and my many neighbours.

A few days after that post, my busybody neighbour decided that I was too slow or something and organised her own quote while I was away at work. My parents were clearing my pile of chopped branches at the time so at least they were there to tell the fencing guy what I wanted and to send me a warning. I was so annoyed that she didn’t even ask me if she could take over, despite hassling me to get three quotes and despite my telling her that I didn’t have much money and wanted to focus on the collapsed Office of Housing fence first.
Well, fine. She wants to take charge then go for it. Less work for me.

The quote arrived (why did she tell me to get three quotes when she herself is happy with one?) and Busybody came over to demand that I remove the stupid trees in the middle of the driveway fence and the nectarine tree in my yard. I tried to tell her that the fence guy had told my parents that the nectarine tree was fine but she wouldn’t have a bar of it. I’m starting to detect a trend here – she does not listen to a word that I say. Is it because I am young (and look even younger)? So frustrating!

We ended up getting in a very circular arguement. There was much misunderstanding. She thought she was saying “you and -owner of other unit- need to pay for driveway trees to be removed” but I heard “trees are on your side so you must pay. I am on pension, woe is me”. The conversation was getting nowhere and I was getting more and more upset so I closed my door in her face. That was not a good evening. It felt like I would never end up getting a dog.

In the end, mum came over and helped me deal with Busybody. I don’t think we understand each other but there’s enough understanding to move forward. There was some talk of family removing the fence before the job is started to save money. So the quote is actually inaccurate? And my yard will be exposed for who knows how long? Ah fuck it, just do whatever and give me the bill when it’s done.

Quote for tree removal was not nearly as bad as I thought. I was expecting $1k but it’s only a few hundred so I’ll only be slightly over budget. I just need to get the other unit owner to approve and then we can get that out the way and leave Busybody to do whatever it is she’s doing.

Stupid trees

As for the OoH fence, well. I had a month of nothing. No updates or returning my calls. The hole in the fence didn’t face the road but I still felt so exposed. I would walk out to water my plants, only to see my neighbour, which lead to me rushing back inside before she would notice me and call me over to spend 20 minutes talking about fences and Crazy Cat Lady. My poor zucchini plant died from neglect.

I sent an angry email to OoH and lo! A call from fencing people telling me the fence would be replaced in two days time. Talk about short notice. I came home on Tuesday to a lovely new fence. I am so glad that’s over and I have my privacy back. Now I can work on developing that side of the garden while I wait for stupid driveway trees to be removed and the rest of the fencing to be replaced.

Things are looking up.


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