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The Fence Saga: Part 3

Part 1 / Part 2

It’s taken three months but fence saga is finally over!

Tree removal was very painless. I came home one day to find my trees gone. Came home a few days later to find the stumps ground down to the driveway.

Once the tree task was complete, I debated whether to be a good neighbour (talk to Busybody about fence that night) or a bad neighbour (leave it for the next night).  I confess that I was leaning towards being a bad neighbour. As the intenal debate continued, a car pulled into the driveway. It was the fence man. Who told me he was going to start work the next day.


I’m not particularly knowledgable on the Fences Act but I’m pretty sure that a key part of it is communication and agreement between involved parties. And I distinctly recall asking Busybody to wait a while after tree removal before starting fence job so that I didn’t have too many expences at once I recall her agreeing. I don’t quite recall saying a few weeks or a month but that was I had in mind. I certainly didn’t mean wait one day. Paying for both tree job and fence job in one go was not pleasant. If one of the other neighbours was putting pressure on to get the fence ASAP then it was Busybody’s responsibility to let me know in advance so I could organise my finances. Not leave it to the fence guy to break the news. (I wonder what would have happened if I was a bitch and told him he didn’t have my permission to touch my fences?)

The fence was removed on the Thursday. And then I was told that I had to remove another tree by Tuesday (Monday being a public holiday). The very nectarine tree that I was told was fine when we first got the quote a month ago. AAAAARRRRGGGGG!!!!1!1

I get it. The guy changed his mind. The stupid tree would cause problems years later and needed to be removed now. But this information would really have come in handy before I organised the removal of the driveway fences (yes, Busybody had previously told me the nectarine tree had to go. But do you trust information from the professional or the elderly bully next door?).

I didn’t really want that tree anyway but I freaked out over the short notice and additionl expense. Thankfully, the fence guy knew an arborist who would do the job over the weekend for a good price. Yay!

The tree went down and the fence went up. The fence was a four day job (spanning 7 properties), with a long weekend in-between. That weekend was horrible. I felt so exposed working in my garden. But the new fence is much higher than the old crappy one and I have so much more privacy now. It’s great. The only problem now is that there are gaps under the fence. I need to have that sorted out before I start hunting for Future Dog.

What dog can resist this hole?

Now that Project Fence is over, I’m putting all my energy into Project Garden. I’m already very sore from shoveling pebbles, moving paving, and hacking at compacted soil.


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