Project Garden: North side

I’ve already posted about redeveloping the south side of my yard. Now it’s time for the north side.

The north side was pretty terrible, aside from the collapsing fence. Uneven paving, ugly shed, dirt patch with a few year’s supply of leaf litter (and broken bricks). Not what I would describe as an ideal garden.

Who doesn’t love a great big dirt patch?

My parents removed the shed at the start of the year. Why would you need such a big shed for such a small yard? Then the fence collapsed and I left the yard alone for six weeks while I waited for my new fence and privacy.

I started clearing the ex-shed floor after the fence was put in. Gravel, rusted metal, mouldy carpet, rotting wood, crumbling plaster, broken tiles, dodgy home-made cement, other random bits of broken things…there even appeared to be some decaying paintings and spine bones in there. I spent weeks filling my bin with crap and there’s still heaps of rubbish that I moved to the garage. Seriously, why the hell did the previous owner use the shed as a dumping ground? What’s wrong with putting broken things in the bin?

February: After I had already cleared a lot of crap
March: Almost cleared!

My plan was also to remove the poorly laid paving and lay it out on the ex-shed site. My stepdad agreed to help out by compacting the earth for the paving. I did debate hiring a professional but in the end I decided to save money. Plus, it can’t be any worse than what the previous owner had done.

Not hiring someone turned out to be a good thing.

My drains were blocked. When the plumber came in April, he found that tree roots had broken my pipes and they needed to be replaced. Not only would it cost thousands of dollars but they would have to take down part of my brand new fence. Why couldn’t the drains have been blocked before the fence went up?

They came and spent almost seven hours replacing my pipes. The area that was dug up needs to be left alone over the next four months while the soil settles. Meanwhile, I have a mound of soil sitting on my excavated paving site…*sigh* At least they took care of my newly planted orange tree. Hopefully it doesn’t die.

May: Pipes replaced but my hard work undone

I’m not sure what to do now. I’m exhausted from digging up the south side of my garden so I think I’ll leave this alone for a month while I figure out a battle plan.


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