Project Dog

I have adopted a three year old labbie cross from the Lost Dogs Home. She was interstate so I didn’t actually meet her first. A bit of a risk, particularly since she was described as excitable and doesn’t know her own size.
Her shelter name was Tim Tam, after the delicious biscuits. Well, I guess shelters can only call so many dogs Coco before things get confusing.
She doesn’t respond to Tim Tam so I have decided to rename her. But thinking of a name is hard. The current shortlist is Phoebe, Daisy, or Koko (spelling it with “k” makes it ok…).
She was transported yesterday while I was at work. Mum was kind enough to postpone Kira’s vet appointment in order to greet my new dog while I was at work. 
I spent the day anxious. What if her transport experience was traumatising? What if I had just adopted an uncontrollable psycho bitch? 
I came home to a sweetie. She’s small and underweight but very friendly. If she is a terror then she’s waiting until her life settles before letting revealing her dark soul.
Shortly after arrival
Being a shelter dog with an unknown history, she is a puzzle. She can sit and is accustomed to couches (at least she did last night. Doesn’t seem to want to climb up now) but isn’t experienced with tiled floors. She has obviously had puppies and has lots of hard patches on her limbs, which implies she has spent a lit of time lying on hard surfaces. Is she a puppy farm bitch? Did she come from a family that cared for her at one point?
I was allowed today off so I have tried walking her and leaving her outside while I left the house for 40 minutes. The World Did Not End so I am slightly less anxious about going to work tomorrow. Slightly.
She is very needy right now and sooks a little if I’m not patting her. Hopefully she’ll settle in over the coming weeks and wont be so dependant on constant attention. Oh no, I’m going to be a horrible person and abandon her tomorrow!
Pooped after her walk

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