Our first week

I have decided to name my new dog Daisy. After Princess Daisy from the Mario game world 😛

This week hasn’t been easy.

Daisy’s night bedding wasn’t soft enough, giving her pins and needles in the morning. She’s gotten pins and needles from the couch too (perhaps a result of her walk?) so I don’t know what to do to prevent that. And sometimes when I’m patting her, she’s crying or asking for something and I just don’t know what to do to make her happy.
The first day I left her for work was the worst. When I came back, she was lip-licking (a sign of stress) and would cry if I ignored her while eating dinner or left the room to pee or shower. I know it does take time to settle into a new life and Daisy has improved remarkably over the three days I was at work but still very upsetting. I’m filled with self-doubt and anxiety. And insomnia 😦

“Hold me close and never let me go”

It isn’t all doom-and-gloom. I love taking Daisy for walks and she is well-enough trained that she isn’t choking herself or yanking my arm off (provided there are no other dogs. I don’t think she’ll ever be able to go to obedience training). And as the days go on, she’s been playing more. The first night she had no interest in toys and it was such a joy when she first initiated play. And she loves her wobble kong, using her nose and paws. Poor Rory, everyone is smarter than him.

My beautiful trio

Yesterday my stepdad and I introduced Daisy to Rory and Kira. She was very well-behaved in the car.

She met Rory first. He saw me and happiliy trotted over to greet me when suddenly he spotted Daisy. The surprise on his face was hilarious.

Once they were happily running around together, we introduced Kira. She wasn’t as friendly but wasn’t a cranky dominating bitch like she can be around my sister’s dog.

Soon they were happily running out like the best of buds. I’m so happy things worked out and we can visit my parents without any dramas. But then again, Daisy looked so comfortable in that house with the other doggies that I did get a bit upset. Would she be happier living with other dogs? Can I make her happy?

They are playing together! What a happy sight.

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