Our second week

I make no apologies for being one of those crazy dog people who will not shut up about their dog. 
This week started really bad. Really bad. Insomnia got the better of me and I was depressed. Any whine from Daisy was The End of the World and I Am a Horrible Person, which was exacerbated by Daisy’s pain and distress every time she got up after sleeping. Her hind leg was so bad that she held it close to her body and did not want to walk (but it only lasted a few minutes). I was terrified of walking her and any whine was a knife to my heart.
As I started to catch up on my sleep, everything started to become alright. I can see how much Daisy has adjusted in the short time that she has been here. Anti-inflamatories are currently working wonders. I can take her on (small) walks again. She still isn’t happy when I ignore her but it is getting much better. In fact, I’ve pooper-scooped and had two showers without her crying. Victory!
This is the face of a pooping machine
Aside from her neediness, the only real problem that I can see right now is that Daisy is dog-reactive. Any sight of a dog on a walk and she will bark her heart out and try to dislocate my shoulder. I don’t think it’s out of fear or anger, she just wants to be with them. I’ve started to teach her to obey the sit command while on walks without distraction but I’m not sure I’ll be able to teach her to keep her cool when dogs are around.
Daisy also goes crazy when she sees my neighbour and her dog outside through the window. She is very loud! I’m managing this by closing the blinds (distraction doesn’t work right now) but after the stimulation, she spends several minutes wondering around the room, crying. I still worry that she is lonely for a dog friend.

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