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Craft and Quilt Fair

The Craft and Quilt Fair was on a month earlier this year. I combined my annual trek with a visit to my parent’s home to spend time with my favourite doggies. Daisy was very excited to see me and wanted lots of cuddles. She is doing really well in her new home. She is a lot happier and loves to play with Rory. Daisy even managed to catch a rabbit!
There were some really beautiful fabrics at the craft fair this year but I had to show some self-restraint. My art fund was significantly depleted from getting my kookaburra cross stitch framed. And my usual winter market didn’t run this year so I haven’t had much opportunity to sell things and add to my fund.
Nevertheless, I saw this lovely owl cross stitch and threw my budget out the window…as if I don’t have enough cross stitch…
Sometimes what makes a cross stitch really special is the choice in framing. I think not all sellers realise this, as many of their display samples don’t have well thought out framing and the designs look ordinary and unappealing. But this owl was well framed with white matting and it looked gorgeous amongst the mediocre.

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