End of an Era

 I am on annual leave this week and have spent a few days visiting my parents and giving many pats to the dogs. It turned out to be well timed, as Kira died yesterday morning.

We knew Kira was dying. Nearing the age of 14 with a tumour the size of a small dog, how could we not? With each visit I could see how much the tumour had grown. All we could do was monitor her and deciding when it was time to take her to the vet and say goodbye. That time was Tuesday night. She wasn’t behaving normally. We would have taken Kira to the vet yesterday morning but my step dad came out of the bedroom and told us that she was gone. 

Poor Rory was subdued and aloof after we showed him the body. They were always close, with Kira acting like a mum to him. But it seems to have recovered this morning, which is good.

I am so glad that I was here and able to say goodbye to Kira.


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