Memories of Kira

When we first brought Kira home, we didn’t realise that she was Trouble. She was just a cute little ball of fluff with a wet head thanks to Lexie. But she was Trouble.

Kira was constantly escaping and wondering the neighbourhood. Lexie would alert us to the escape-artist by barking when Kira was out. Despite being such a sweet, loving dog, Kira didn’t like strangers and had a strange hatred of a golden retriever down the road. Neighbours feared and hated her.

Those were stressful times and we tried so many things to keep her in our property. If Kira wasn’t going under, she was going over. She would stick her paws in the wire holes and climb the fence, sometimes using a tree to support her back. It really was an amazing thing to see. When we created a make-shift enclosure for her, she chewed her way through. Kira was always in her enclosure when we returned home and we only cottoned-on because we found her food toy outside the enclosure. When my parents installed an electric wire, Kira soon learned where the weaknesses were.

Things came to a head when she was seven, with Kira biting the cheek of a boy who leaned over our gate. I don’t know why the boy decided to lean over or what really happened but the main thing was that it happened and Kira was not seized and destroyed. Those were dark days for the family. Kira remained under house arrest until my parents found a new home. With a new environment and new strategy, we were finally able to contain Kira.

One of the most endearing things about Kira was her greeting. She always had to greet us with something in her mouth. If a toy or stick wasn’t available then she would grab a leaf. She would often grab a toy when she wanted pats.

I still remember when we brought Rory home, when Kira was four. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of this little moving bundle and didn’t like it when he ran around. And yet, she let him chew on the other end of a bone that she was munching on. That was a beautiful moment to witness. While Lexie and Kira were close, I think the bind between Rory and Kira ran much deeper.

Kira was very much a water dog. She loved rolling in puddles while on walks. Even after the puddles had long dried up, she would yank my arm eager to reach the puddle location. On hot summer days she would happily swim across the dam while the other dogs were content with wetting their paws.


Kira had a love of towels. Drying her involved two towels – one for drying and one for her to hold. As a puppy, she would try to eat them and choke on the threads so we had to keep them out of reach. Any neglected towel would be proudly walked into the living room. I marveled her ability to walk without tripping on the towel. The desire to eat the towels faded but she love of towels never did.

As she aged, Kira developed arthritis. She lost her hearing. She went through a faze where she would chew the house if left outside without a person in sight. She developed massive tumour of doom at age nine and did not die. We all feel very lucky for each extra year she lived after the tumour was removed. But this year, at age 13, another tumour grew and we knew that this was the end.

I will miss my sweet troublemaker.
My Kira.
My Kirapup.
My Kirabilli.
My Kiros.


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