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Herman the German Friendship Cake

Work has really been stressful and chaotic. The past month has been uncertain, secretive and horrible. Now, part of the business has been sold and us workers have been split in two. I have the same job (I think?), for the same pay, in the same building, for a new employer. Such a strange week. It’s going to be an interesting few months.

Thankfully, during these tumultuous times the workplace has been introduced to Herman. That’s Herman the German Friendship Cake. Containers of smelly yeasty mixtures and a set of instructions were passed around. We took our Hermans home and took care of them for 10 days. There has been so much cake to eat. One coworker tried the basic recipe, which we found to be a bit dry, though still yum. Another tried a Ginger Herman, which was amazing.

I didn’t really have anyone to give my Herman portions to – everyone at work is all Hermaned out. So I froze two portions for later and baked with the rest. I started with the basic Herman (without saltanas, apple, or cinnamon), and then divided it into two.

Lemon Herman. A winning cake.

The first I added the zest of four lemons. My lemon tree is prolific, I have been baking so many lemon goodies and giving heaps away but there’s still heaps of lemons on the tree. The batter was very doughy so I decided to add some lemon juice until I liked the consistency. It took about an hour to bake and sat in the over afterwards. Then I poked holes in the cake and brushed over a lemon syrup (it was more lemony than sugary). Everyone at work seemed to love it.

This photo is meant to be artistic and has nothing to do
with the fact that I couldn’t be bothered cleaning my
messy kitchen…

The second portion I added raspberries and white chocolate but no extra liquid. I love that flavour combination. As muffins, it took 40 minutes to cook. While not as nice as the lemon syrup cake, they were still yummy and actually weren’t dry.

There are so many more possibilities I want to try out. Such a great food trend!


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