art · cross stitch

Angel Pixel Art

I’m not really a fantasy cross stitcher. My walls are covered with wolves, tigers, marine creatures, birds, etc. Which is odd as I love fantasy art, novels, and games.

For a while now I’ve been tempted to design my own human-based cross stitch along the lines of a rengency portrait. I’ve been putting it off for years because the thought of making a good face intimidated me. A few months ago I drew a few heads but none of them felt right. And then Kira the dog died and I thought to try an angel in her colours (red fur, blue collar).

Before I continued, I thought it would be a good idea to cross stitch the face. There would be no point putting all this effort into something that was a big fail.

At this point, I didn’t care about optimal coloured threads so it does look pretty dreadfull. But I could see the potential there and decided to keep going with the project. Except for the hair. That is fail hair.

That’s the easy part done. It remains to be seen whether I can actually turn this into a cross stitch. I have a feeling that I have some frustrating months ahead of me.


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