Success and failure

The problem with having so many projects in the works is that it takes forever to get anything finished. I’ve had this top in the works for months! At this rate, I’ll always be a beginner…

I never really understood the importance of ironing seams. My teacher never really focused on it. I guess it makes for a crappy class if everyone is constantly waiting in line to use the iron. I’ve never liked using irons but I made myself this time around. Best hems I have ever made. I am converted.

I am really pleased with the top but the bust feels very chunky when I wear it. Does it look bad? It will take a while before I gain the courage to wear it in public.

This is a Fail Skirt. Never to be worn in public. Ever.

That pink is so slippery that I had to cut some pieces out again. And the yoke completely failed. Big big fail. (It doesn’t look so bad in the photo – I’ve hidden the horror). The material also wraps around the legs in an unattractive way. Definitely the wrong material for the job. Just as well I got it during an amazing sale and haven’t wasted much money.

I also learned a valuable lesson with my invisible zipper foot. If I use the foot pedal then I will always sew over the zip and have to unpick it and start again. If I manually turn the neddle then I get it right the first time. Yay!


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