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Getting Things Done

I can’t believe I’ve been a home owner for a year now! It hasn’t all been rainbows and unicorns but on the whole I’m loving being a home owner.

To celebrate, I took some annual leave. Otherwise known as Getting Things Done Week. I have been working on the same art and garden projects for months and it’s about time I get them finished.

Half my time was spent in the garden, clearing away gravel and poop and ripping out weed mats for a garden bed. I’m really starting to hate weed mats.

Not only have I been covered head to toe in dirt but I’ve been listening to my new neighbour. She’s very loud. All the time. And apparently angry that Possum Lady (previously named Problem Neighbour) has been moving her recycling bin. I didn’t know people still used the insult cocksucker but now I know better. I have named my new neighbour Vocal Bogan.

The majority of my garden beds have been lined with rocks and I’ve been discovering that it is difficult to weed around them without also ripping out the loosely-placed rocks and having garden bed spill out. Is it naive of me to think that wooden edging will solve this problem?


I don’t know what I’m doing…

The edging isn’t level but looks so much better than those rocks.
There’s still a lot to do but I’m out of time and money. Silly me decided to dip into me savings and buy a new computer. I regret nothing. The mulch will have to wait a while. Until then, I forsee a lot of cat poop.

While I’m worried my lemon tree hasn’t bloomed, I’m getting very excited by my apple tree. There are lots of little apples growing. I see a future of apple crumble, muffins, pancakes, dumplings, juice…

Yum yum 🙂

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