My blog has always been hosted by Blogger. On the weekend I exported everything to WordPress. In such of Blogger messing with my art, turning it into fuzzy crap. It has been an on going problem and I get the vibe that it isn’t going to be fixed. So why stay somewhere that keeps wrecking my art?

As part of Getting Things Done week (ie. annual leave), I finished this off:


I’m super proud of the shading. It feels like I’ve levelled up.
I used a horrible reference photo. I needed a mirror to see what I was doing but also somewhere to sit the camera. The result was a glarey grainy mess. A lot of details were lost and I could not figure out the fingers on that damn hand. For the life of me, I couldn’t replicate the angle of the hand so I pretty much had to guess.

And because I like these sort of things, here’s the gif animated progress:


While this isn’t a self-portrait, that is DNA art of my own DNA in the background. I wanted to try painting a double helix but could not find a free-to-use picture for reference that suited. Googling for free images kept taking me to sites that charge a fee (liars!)…and also to a picture of a cock ring, which I still don’t understand…


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