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Dogs and alpacas

Not only was this Daisy’s first christmas with us but it was also her first meeting with my sister’s dog, Summer.

I’ll admit that I was a little worried that they would not get along. Summer did tend to clash with Kira and Daisy is a jealous dog, pushing poor Rory away so she can have all the pats. Fortunately, it went really well and the only problem was that Summer and Daisy kept playing into Rory while he was trying to sleep. Poor boy.

I don’t think Daisy has had much opportunity to play with other dogs (or people?). She didn’t really understand the play dynamic between three dogs and spent a lot of time barking at Rory and Summer. I’d love to know what her life was like before we rescued her.

Having the family in the one house was also a great opportunity to get my parent’s alpacas shorn for the hot summer ahead. Rounding up the alpacas into  pen was easy. While we waited for the shearer, we took the dogs to the dam. They aren’t normally allowed (alpacas are aggressive to dogs) so it was our first time taking Daisy to swim.


Summer is very much a water dog. Daisy is not. Summer spent the whole time swimming, fetching sticks. Daisy spent a lot of time running madly around the paddock, ignoring my calls. Rory followed her.

When Princess Daisy finally deigned to visit the dam, my poor derp dog didn’t know how to swim with her head above the water! She did not like it at all but couldn’t figure out how the other dogs were doing it. You could see her frustration growing as Summer kept confidently diving after sticks.

“I haz a stick”
“I don’t understand”

The shearer arrived and it was time to get to work. I mainly helped bag the fleece but I also helped shove some of the damn things into the pens. They are strong!

The alpacas were spread eagled on a table with their legs tied to a torture device. They certainly sounded like they were being tortured. I’ve never heard such a high-pitched gargle in my life! Next time I’ll definitely wear ear muffs.

Unsuspecting victims of torture

It took several hours to get through all 23 of them. We were all exhausted in the end. I was too buggered to do anything for the rest of the day. So glad we only have to do this once a year!


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