Holiday Sewing

I can’t believe it’s already 2015!

I was asked to take time off to put our facility into leave balance. I have no idea what that means except that I have another week of Getting Things Done. I haven’t been as productive as I would like with my digital art but I have been getting a lot of sewing done.



This top uses the same pattern as the one I made earlier in the year. I love seeing how different I can make things while using the same pattern. Plus, I can see how much I’ve improved. I did get confused attaching the ruffle to the yoke but finishing the back of the yoke was so much easier this time around and sits much better than the previous attempt. In fact, I would say that this is the best sewing that I have done to date. Hooray for improvement!

The rest of my sewing hasn’t been as successful. I attempted a bird plushie from Melly & Me. The last time I tried a plushie was a hilarious disaster. The bird pattern was a lot simpler than an elephant and I have much more experience now. Should be easy, right? Well…
TweetI totally fail at symmetry. I swear that beak was centered when I started attaching it…And I still can’t sew the damn toys shut. So long as I position the plushie on it’s best side then I can pretend that it looks great. XD

I also practiced making a bib. I’m in the age group where most of my friends and colleagues are poping out babies or planning to do so soon. It would be nice to give them a handmade gift.  I printed the pattern from Things For Boys and had a play around with some scrap material.

BibTestI have a lot of difficulty sewing tight curves so this is actually a pretty good attempt for me. I also need to put heaps more effort into ironing before I top stitch. I’m sure I’ll get better with each one. And if not, at least my friends will pretend that they love it 😛


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