Why am I doing this?!

I’m painting flowers as a form of torture.

I’ve spent three weekends on the stupid poinsettias and I’m not even half-way there! Last weekend I got so depressed that I had to stop and play video games. Why am I doing this to myself?! Stepping out of comfort zones is overrated…


2 thoughts on “Why am I doing this?!

  1. What a gorgeous palette! And the flowers– the veins and shadows… They even have that velvety looking texture particular to poinsettias– fantastic!

    I would never have guessed that any part of this work was outside your comfort zone– you’re doing such a great job with it. And hopefully it isn’t too tortuous a piece ’cause I’d love to see it finished! ~_^

    (Sorry if you get this twice– the page was timing out…). ^^’


    1. I am definitely not comfortable with flowers. These are a little easier because they are actually leaves but I can’t can’t get my head around things like roses.


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