New Look 6286

I was on annual leave last week and spent the time Getting Things Done. Work has been so exhausting that I just collapse on the couch when I get home. Not surprising when we’re understaffed and everyone has to do the job of three people! So I’ve had two half-finished tops collecting dust for a few months. Both are from the New Look pattern 6286.

Finding the right size for me is still a challenge. I don’t know how much ease to use and I don’t make toiles (oh look at me using all these sewing terms. I is so smart!). Normally if I’m wrong then I’m a size too large. But this time I had a big brain fart and followed the sizes listed on the packet, instead of looking at the pattern. I sewed up the bust and tried it on and it was ginormous! I don’t know why I did that!

After re-cutting my pattern pieces to a smaller size, I unfolded all the pieces and discovered:

Mystery blob!

It’s still good, it’s still good….maybe if I spray my stain remover and wash it?…nope?…Err…

I have plenty of fabric left and I guess the logical thing would be to cut out another piece. But mystery blob was close to the edge and the piece is gathered before being attached so I tried chopping it off and going ahead anyway. This is what I do. Have two eggs when I need three? Let’s give it a go! Doubled the amount of water I was meant to use when doing science at work? Let’s pretend it never happened and see how robust the procedure is! (Turns out the procedure is much more robust than others would have me believe). I actually learn quite a lot by stubournly charging ahead with things.


I also decided to experiement using the remaining material from my fail skirt. I made the bodice by cutting out twice as many pieces and attaching them together at the arm holes and neckline. It actually worked better than I expected (ie. didn’t fail) but was a pain to attach, since I’m still bad at cutting sheer material and pieces didn’t quite match up. Trying to work with the mismatches does mean that it is slightly smaller than the other top and does require me to wriggle a bit when putting it on.

The hard part is deciding which one to wear on my first day back at work. Not that I want to go back!


2 thoughts on “New Look 6286

  1. They both turned out great! I especially like the birds and branches one– what a cute fabric design and the cut looks very tailored to you.

    I once left a half-finished sewing project on my cutting table and came back to find that my cat had puked all over it. That incident had two results: 1) I’m now totally paranoid about my WIP projects and wrap them in plastic even if I’m just stepping away for a moment, and 2) I changed catfood brands because the red dye he barfed up was as permanent as Rit and that couldn’t be good for him. ~_^

    I’m glad that the mystery spot didn’t derail your project! Yay for ‘stubbornly charging ahead’ (especially when it works out in your favor)! 😀


    1. Ew!

      I did have a window open and the loose pattern pieces went flying across the room. I think I’ll try to be more tidy and organised next time 😛


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