Project Garden: Greenhouse Time!

If this was a TV show then this episode would begin with a string of clips from previous episodes to keep you up to speed on events. There might even be a voice-over saying “previously on Smitetheewithapples”.


When I purchased my home in November 2014, one side of the garden was an Eyesore. Dirt patch, oversized shed that was a dumping ground for all sorts of rubbish, and we-don’t-know-what-we’re-doing paving. Early last year I removed the paving (it wasn’t hard – it was as if they just plonked the pavers on the ground and thought that was sufficient) and cleared away all the rubbish, with the plan of laying down the paving on the shed site and turning the ex-paving into lawn.

Clearing the area was nearly complete when Lo! My pipes were damaged by roots and needed replacing. A mountain of soil was dumped on the ex-shed site and I was advised not to touch the ex-paving site for four months whilst the earth settled (turns out I should have waited longer…). Makes you want to cry.

pavingAlmost a year later, I finally have my paving! On my recent Getting Things Done week my parents came over multiple times to help put in my paving. Well, my stepdad put in the paving and I did the easy tasks. Mum mainly supervised and passed judgement. And gave me cookies. The neighbourhood cats helped out by pooping in my excess sand.

The paving doesn’t look professional but it looks heaps better than I hoped for and I’m super please with the results. What would I do without my stepdad? Recycling the materials also made it really cheap. All I needed was sand, paving cement, and a few wooden stakes so the whole thing was done for under $50! Means more money for other things 🙂


All of this hard work has been leading to one thing: greenhouse!

Adventure Time font by Ask-Angelo
Adventure Time font by Ask-Angelo. Awesome show. Go watch now.

That fucker was a nightmare to assemble. Only slightly less painful than attending a monthly meeting at work.

I ran out of money (new carpet!) so right now I have four pots sitting on the ground. I’ve planted broccoli, snow peas, spring onions, and garlic chives. Here’s hoping they survive…


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